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Figure 2.18 Behavioural interface: Data glove to handle the telephone, switch, etc. (Illustration: SNCF,
with permission) Natural handling of objects in 3D with 3DOF
Unlike the 6DOF product handling in the virtual shop, it is not necessary to move the
objects in all the directions in this case. Handling a tracker with two hands is thus not
mandatory in this case.
A data glove can be used to handle the telephone, switching command and other
devices with one hand . (Figure 2.18). Using a data glove is advantageous as it makes it
possible to transmit more binary orders by moving the fingers (picking and placing an
object, pressing buttons, etc.). It also makes it possible to use a natural schema which is
easy to assimilate. The main alteration of the IBS is that the objects cannot be touched
and their force cannot be felt. This lack of feedback makes it impossible to recreate the
difficulty of a real handling. Experiencing it on a real switching, after the VR training,
can help to achieve the pedagogical objective. Handling the objects using a joystick or
spaceball (3D mouse) is obviously not allowed, since these would require a learning
time that is too long as compared to the training time. CogSA are added to this artefact
to facilitate the handling. We will suggest using attraction functions (they attract as
soon as the glove is close to the object) and kinematics constraints (for example, the
handle of the switching control has a predefined movement, even if the glove has a
slightly different movement). A “virtual pocket'' will be displayed to make it possible to
move with the virtual objects without holding them. After this prototype, a first exper-
imental device (FIACRE) has been assessed positively in a training centre of the SNCF.
Our method of designing and assessing a VR device, which we have just explained, is
based on a number of strong ideas:
Division of the subject's immersion and interaction into three levels;
Parallelism in the functioning between the human being and the computer;
Instrumental approach of the interfacing developed in psychology;
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