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movement is monitored to automatically reach the desired place. The choice between
a 1D and a 2D moving walkway definitely has an impact on the visual immersion: if
the user really turns in all the horizontal directions, even the display has to be in all
these directions. Orientation on tracks
The orientation poses a complicated problem. Experiments (Chance et al., 1998) show
that the real rotation of the person's body around him/herself was relatively important
for his orientation (unlike translations). Will the user still be well oriented if a 1D
moving walkway is used? Tests should be carried out to analyse different solutions. Visual immersion
Since the trainee needs to communicate easily with the trainer by his side, we do not
wish to use a head-mounted display for visual immersion. Since the user needs to
manipulate the objects and move as naturally as possible, a life-size display should
be used to represent the virtual environment. The trainee should have a large field
of vision to be able to control the arrival of trains on the track and be well oriented
towards this. His field of vision should be wide towards the bottom so as to manoeuvre
the switching control, which is at the same height as the tracks. For this purpose, the
view displayed on the screen depends on the height of head, where a location sensor is
fixed. Thus, if the user bends, his point of view changes and he can see the switching
command at the ballast level. Retro projection from a video projector is set up and a
1D moving walkway is used (Figure 2.17), (for a 2D moving walkway, several video
projectors would be needed). Using four big screens around the trainee (visiocube or
“Cave'') would have the advantage of enabling the person to better observe in all the
directions and hence orient himself better. The movement can be designed differently,
but the cost of displaying and creating the images would be approximately four times
higher. This solution was therefore not considered.
Figure 2.17 Visual immersion on big screen with retro projection. (Illustration: SNCF,with permission)
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