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Figure 17.14 Incorrect response calculation by penalty
In this chapter, we prepared a summary of collision detection and explained the four
phases of the process: identification of close objects, approximate search of the col-
lision, exact detection of the collision and then its processing. We mainly focused on
detection between polyhedral bodies. There are other approaches for more complex
geometries. We did not consider the problems of self-collisions, i.e. collision of a part
of a body with another part of the same body, which arise, for example, during a
deformation. The process of collision detection still remains expensive and unfortu-
nately not adequately robust. The current researches are trying to solve the problem of
managing the calculation time, either by compromising between calculation time and
accuracy, or by using dedicated hardware. Collision detection for deformable bodies
is also a highly active subject of research as this type of detection remains a bit slower
than the detection between rigid convex bodies. Finally, a lot of work still remains to
be completed before we find an algorithm that can be used on dedicated hardware.
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