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Figure 12.10 Use of several levels of details in maps © Project Iparla, LaBRI-Inria
Figure 12.11 Use of indications in a virtual environment. (Image from a student project, Master
Multimedia - University of Bordeaux 1)
interfaces is limited. For example, display of maps in a head-mounted display will
have the effect of hiding a large part of the virtual environment. In this case, other
software aids will be preferred, for example, virtual indications.
Indications are widely used in the real world. For example, signboards show us direc-
tions to follow. Signs inform us about the location of special elements, like emergency
exits. These indications can be used in the virtual world for helping decision-making.
But, beyond copying the real world, the virtual world permits integration of many effi-
cient software aids for wayfinding. Primarily, directions to be followed can be shown
constantly to the observer. These directions can change in real time depending on the
movements of the user (figure 12.11).
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