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The single-screen stereoscopic systems have been available in the market for a long
time, even though the market is small in comparison with the market for monoscopic
screens. These products are stable, reliable and sold by companies renowned for devices
of this type. Will head-mounted displays, which are promising products, be developed
on a large scale? For the time being, only small companies are seen marketing head-
mounted displays. In spite of certain hasty announcements, this sector has not seen the
expected development. Ten years ago, new head-mounted displays were brought out
almost every month. But for about ten years, there has been no significant technolog-
ical progress in this field. The large-screen devices are now technically well mastered
and there is sufficient commercial offer. Their price, however, still often remains high
compared to the other devices and can prove to be an economic hindrance.
11.5.1 Restitution by volumetric images
This entails creating a fully three-dimensional virtual image. The scene or the object
displayed can be seen from 360 degrees when the observer moves around it. Panorama
Ball Vision having a spherical screen is one of such devices. A row of LEDs is placed
on a meridian of the sphere, while a motor is used to rotate the sphere around the
vertical axis at a speed that is adjusted with the frequency of persistence of vision.
Figure 11.21 Restitution by volumetric images: Panorama Ball Vision. (Illustration: Immersion SAS,with
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