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Figure 11.13 SAS Cube. (Illustration: CLARTE, with permission)
Figure 11.14 MoVE. (Illustration: PSA Peugeot Citroën, with permission)
developed some fifteen years ago at the University of Illinois and was presented for the
first time at the SIGGRAPH in 1992.
The SAS Cube (Nahon, 2002) (Figure 11.13), developed by Barco in collaboration
with the Centre LAvallois de Ressources TEchnologiques, IRISA and Z-A Company, is
a lighter version of CAVE. One of its main characteristics is that it is easy to transport
and can be quickly assembled/dismantled (one day is sufficient). Its main advantage
lies in its compatibility with different computer platforms. Besides, it was the first
visiocube to operate on a cluster of 4 or 8 PCs.
The special feature of the visiocube MoVE (Figure 11.14), developed by
Barco in collaboration with the Institut
Image of Chalon sur Saône and the
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