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Figure 11.11 CADWall from Barco. (Illustration: Barco, with permission)
Figure 11.12 Reality Center by SGI. (Illustration: SGI, with permission)
made up of a set of video projectors (at least three), making it possible to display a
large, high-resolution image. Using several juxtaposed video projectors requires using
the edge-blending technique to create a single image (read paragraph
The structures of immersive rooms are generally quite similar. The difference is
mainly in their size and thus the number of seats, the possibility of displaying stereo-
scopic images and their luminous power (is it possible to provide for additional lighting
in the room to take notes?) Another technical difference lies in the type of projection
used: direct projection or rear projection? In the latter case, the observer can sit rela-
tively closer to the screens, without casting his shadow on the screen. In case of flat
screens, both types of projection have no particular constraints. On the other hand,
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