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at a different time for each pair of stereoscopic images sent by the two video projectors.
With eyeglasses having two filters that transmit only the desired image to each eye,
the observer sees the images in relief. With polarising eyeglasses, it is also possible to
look away from the screen without any disturbance. They are lighter than the active
eyeglasses and do not require battery power supply.
Polarisation of images is either a cross polarisation at 90 (which has the lowest
performance and the lowest price for eyeglasses) or a “circular'' polarisation. The
polarising filters, placed in front of the screens or in front of video projectors, reduce
the intensity of light.
The two techniques mentioned above, which are currently the most commonly
used techniques, cause the same psychophysical problems for 3D images. Therefore,
we should not declare, as we often hear, that we prefer passive eyeglasses, or active
eyeglasses, because we felt less stress or ocular discomfort from them. Since the dis-
comfort depends first of all on the characteristics of the images offered, in most of
the cases, the observers of 3D images have had sore eyes because these images were
incorrectly adjusted and not because they were using active or passive eyeglasses.
Intelligent 3D glasses, a new tool for VR applications:
The “ActivEyes'' concept is based on four innovations, in the design, optics, electronics
and software domains. This new approach was introduced in January 2011 by the
French start-up
intelligent 3D
eyewear at the SPIE conference “Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XXIII:
with the presentation of it
The optical device, a liquid crystal shutter, is separated from is driving electronics.
That optical device is based on a new class of LCS.
The driving electronics are not trimmed to the bare minimum, but expanded to a
comprehensive and future-proof set of components.
Both embedded andmanagement software is plannedwith extensive customization
in mind.
The two-pieces design may seem clumsy at first glance, yet the burden of wearing
an electronic dongle connected to the glasses by a small wire is rapidly balanced by
the benefits. It allows us to make the lightest glasses on the market, without scarifying
the viewing angle by reducing the lens surface. With only 29 grams, they can be
used and enjoyed all day long, as already proven in 3D editing and post-production
projects. Being a separated object, the lenses frame can be custom-designed to specific
requirements upon professional use.
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