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Figure 9.2 1D haptic device with 1D virtual environment
in the virtual environment (Figure 9.3). If we want to simulate an extremely stiff
constraint, as is the case here, the stiffness perceived by the human operator will not
be infinite, but will correspond to the one defined in the virtual coupling. We can
thus find the best compromise between performance and stability by maximising the
stiffness of the coupling, while respecting the passivity criterion (stability).
If we still use the analogy with electric networks, this coupling corresponds to
the addition of a coupling impedance (Figure 9.4). We observe that the strategy used
helps to separate the control network of the interface and the simulation network. The
analogy also helps to see the advantage of this coupling. In a free environment, as the
impedance of the simulation is zero, the impedance felt by the user will tend towards
the mechanical impedance of the interface. On the other hand, if the impedance of the
simulation tends towards infinity, the impedance felt tends towards the impedance of
the coupling.
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