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Figure 8.8 PERCRO Series Haptic Interface. (Illustration: PERCRO Lab, with permission)
Figure 8.9 Large Haptic Interface for Aeronautic Maintainability (LHIfAM). (Illustration: CEIT, with
The first parallel interface is the Delta Haptic Device from the Swiss company,
Force Dimension. This robot was developed in the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale of
Lausanne by the VRAI Group research centre and uses the architecture of the Delta
robot (Clavel, 1990). It consists of 3 kinematic chains connecting the base to the mobile
platform held by the user, each actuated by a single motor. This architecture forces the
platform to move only in translation. It has been used in the first version with 3 degrees
of freedom with force feedback (Grange et al., 2001).
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