Game Development Reference
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Figure 7.10 Functional model of DigiHaptic
Figure 7.11 DigiHaptic with its three joysticks, motors and potentiometers
Ring finger
Ring finger
Index finger
Index finger
Figure 7.12 Correspondence between the movement of fingers and movement of objects for the 3D
rotations and translations
The joysticks have been placed in such as way as to respect the ergonomics of
the hand and the natural movements of the fingers when the hand is placed in the
peripheral area. Moreover, the movement of the 3D objects on the screen corresponds
to the orientation andmovement of the fingers. Actually, each joystick controls a degree
of freedom of the reference point used in the virtual environment. Thus during a use in
translation mode in a Cartesian reference point, the objects are moved following the
width of the screen with the thumb, depth with the index finger and height with the
ring finger. When in rotation mode, the objects are moved around the corresponding
axes (Figure 7.12). The forces calculated in the virtual environment are projected on
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