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Figure 7.4 Detection of the movements of a hand by theVisualeyez system of Phoenix Technologies
Figure 7.5 The FingerTracking system measuring 3 or 5 fingertips
Another solution is the FingerTracking system, which is a wireless device which
helps to track and locate the position and direction of the hand as well as the position
of the fingertips (see previous chapter for the tracking principle). It can be used on
both hands and is available for 3 or 5 fingers. It weighs 60 grams and is available in
three sizes. The tracking frequency for the hand is 60Hz and for the fingers, it is 20Hz
for 3 fingers or 10Hz for 5 fingers (Figure 7.5).
7.2.3 Resistance variation gloves
Modification of a resistance, according to the extension of the support on which
it is fixed, is used for datagloves. This principle has been used for inexpensive and
sophisticated gloves using strain gauges.
The low-priced glove is made up of an electrically conductive layer that contains
carbon particles. When the material folds, the distance between the carbon particles
grows and the resistivity of the sensor increases. We can approximately determine the
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