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Figure 3.25 Illusion of movement (as per Roll et al., 1986)
movement felt when another train is leaving. Giving illusion of movement only by
vision can create conflicts between the different systems acting in the real environment
and can even, as was noted, lead to simulator sickness.
We would like to mention that it is possible to artificially create sensory messages
of movement of a lower limb by applying a 70Hz vibration at the hamstring and
quadriceps, when the subject is at rest and has closed his eyes. Figure 3.25 shows this
Though physiological knowledge makes it possible to counterfeit kinaesthetic sen-
sations, the work done till date, mainly on simulators, is not completely satisfactory.
In fact, even if we can simulate acceleration by inclining the vehicle, it is still difficult
to maintain it. Similarly, it is very difficult, or even impossible, to simulate changes in
gravity. There is a long way to go before we create a virtual space flight!
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