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Figure 3.23 Classification of accelerations on the basis of the body axes
to the movement. The variations in the bend discharge the receptors at the root of
the eyelash. If the head is resting, the nerve signal sends information about the head's
angle with respect to the vertical direction. If the head is moving, the nerve message
provides information about the total acceleration given to the head, which is the total
of the acceleration of the movement and earth's gravity. This means that by inclining a
person in a simulator cabin, we can indirectly simulate an acceleration of movement by
visually showing him a virtual movement. In case of linear accelerations (in translation
motion), the macular receptors (utricle and saccule) perform the discharge function.
The semicircular canals are sensitive to angular accelerations (rotation).
The erect position is possible because of the anti-gravitational postural activity
acting against gravity. This activity requires information regarding the resting surface
(Figure 3.23), body weight and the visual representation of the vertical direction. Other
proprioceptive receptors, distributed all over the body, are sensitive to the position
or movement of different body parts. The neuromuscular spindles and Golgi tendon
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