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Excerpt from include/cyclone/fgen.h
* A force generator showing a three-component explosion effect.
* This force generator is intended to represent a single
* explosion effect for multiple rigid bodies. The force generator
* can also act as a particle force generator.
class Explosion : public ForceGenerator,
public ParticleForceGenerator
* Tracks how long the explosion has been in operation, used
* for time-sensitive effects.
real timePassed;
// ... Other Explosion code as before ...
* This is the peak force for stationary objects in
* the center of the convection chimney. Force calculations
* for this value are the same as for peakConcussionForce.
real peakConvectionForce;
* The radius of the chimney cylinder in the xz plane.
real chimneyRadius;
* The maximum height of the chimney.
real chimneyHeight;
* The length of time the convection chimney is active. Typically
* this is the longest effect to be in operation, as the heat
* from the explosion outlives the shockwave and implosion
* itself.
real convectionDuration;
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