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A vector as a movement in space.
vector is the change along each axis. So
where x is the change in the position along the X axis from a 0 to a 1 ,givenby
x 1
x 0
where x 0 is the X coordinate of a 0 and x 1 is the X coordinate of a 1 . Similarly for y
and z .
Position and change in position are really two sides of the same coin. We can
think of any position as a change of position from the origin (written as 0 ,where
each component of the vector is zero) to the target location.
If we think in terms of the geometry of a vector being a movement from the ori-
gin to a point in space, then many of the mathematical operations we'll meet in this
chapter have obvious and intuitive geometric interpretations. Vector addition and
subtraction, multiplication by a scalar, and different types of multiplication can all be
understood in terms of how these movements relate. When drawn as in figure 2.3, the
visual representation of an operation is often much more intuitive than the mathe-
matical explanation. We'll consider this for each operation we meet.
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