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box.halfSize.x * real_abs(axis * box.getAxis(0)) +
box.halfSize.y * real_abs(axis * box.getAxis(1)) +
box.halfSize.z * real_abs(axis * box.getAxis(2));
bool overlapOnAxis(
const Box &one,
const Box &two,
const Vector3 &axis
// Project the half-size of one onto axis.
real oneProject = transformToAxis(one, axis);
real twoProject = transformToAxis(two, axis);
// Find the vector between the two centers.
Vector3 toCenter = two.getAxis(3) - one.getAxis(3);
// Project this onto the axis.
real distance = real_abs(toCenter * axis);
// Check for overlap.
return (distance < oneProject + twoProject);
For convex objects we can go one stage farther: if the objects are not touching,
then there must be at least one axis that would show this. Objects that are concave in
F IGURE 13.16
The projection of two boxes onto separating axes.
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