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selected an insertion algorithm for the flexibility of being usable during the game.
Given the sphere hierarchy we created previously, we can implement the insertion
algorithm in this way:
Excerpt from include/cyclone/collide_coarse.h
* A base class for nodes in a bounding volume hierarchy.
* This class uses a binary tree to store the bounding volumes.
template<class BoundingVolumeClass>
class BVHNode
// ... other BVHNode code as before ...
* Inserts the given rigid body, with the given bounding volume,
* into the hierarchy. This may involve the creation of
* further bounding volume nodes.
void insert(RigidBody* body, const BoundingVolumeClass &volume);
template<class BoundingVolumeClass>
void BVHNode<BoundingVolumeClass>::insert(
RigidBody* newBody, const BoundingVolumeClass &newVolume
// If we are a leaf, then the only option is to spawn two
// new children and place the new body in one.
if (isLeaf())
// Child one is a copy of us.
children[0] = new BVHNode<BoundingVolumeClass>(
this, volume, body
// Child two holds the new body
children[1] = new BVHNode<BoundingVolumeClass>(
this, newVolume, newBody
// And we now loosen the body (we're no longer a leaf).
this->body = NULL;
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