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case of both sailing and flight we use a simplification of fluid dynamics to quickly and
simply generate believable behavior.
The aerodynamic tensor isn't sufficiently accurate for games that intend to simu-
late flight or sailing accuracy, but is perfectly sufficient for games that are not intended
to be realistic.
The situations I chose for this chapter were selected carefully, however, not to
embarrass the physics engine. As it stands, our engine is less capable than the mass-
aggregate engine we built in part II of this topic. To make it truly useful we need to add
collisions back in. Unfortunately, with rotations in place this becomes a significantly
more complex process than we saw in chapter 7. It is worth taking the time to get it
In that spirit, before we consider the physics of collisions again, we'll build the
code to detect and report collisions in our game. Part IV of the topic does that.
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