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So we end up with
M b M t M 1
bearing in mind that multiplied matrices are equivalent to transformations carried
out in reverse order.
We will need to use this function whenever we have a matrix expressed in one
basis and we need it in another. We can do this using the multiplication and inverse
functions we have already implemented: there is no need for a specialized function.
In particular the technique will be indispensable in the next chapter when we
come to work with the inertia tensor of a rigid body. At that stage I will provide a
dedicated implementation that takes advantage of some other properties of the inertia
tensor that simplifies the mathematics.
M t =
We've covered the basic mathematical operations for matrices and have a solid Matrix
and Vector class implemented. Before we can move on, we also need to create a data
structure to manipulate quaternions.
In this section we will build a Quaternion class. The basic data structure looks like
Excerpt from include/cyclone/core.h
* Holds a three degree of freedom orientation.
class Quaternion
union {
struct {
* Holds the real component of the quaternion.
real r;
* Holds the first complex component of the quaternion.
real i;
* Holds the second complex component of the quaternion.
real j;
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