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* of a rigid body.
class Matrix3
* Holds the tensor matrix data in array form.
real data[9];
and for Matrix4 it looks like this:
Excerpt from include/cyclone/core.h
* Holds a transform matrix, consisting of a rotation matrix and
* a position. The matrix has 12 elements; it is assumed that the
* remaining four are (0,0,0,1), producing a homogenous matrix.
class Matrix4
* Holds the transform matrix data in array form.
real data[12];
Clearly there is nothing taxing so far; we just have two arrays of numbers.
Just as we did for the Vector3 class in chapter 2, we can add methods to these
classes to implement their mathematics.
Since I've said that matrices exist mainly to transform vectors, let's look at this first.
We transform a vector by multiplying it by the matrix
v =
M v
which is often called “post-multiplication” because the vector occurs after the matrix
in the multiplication.
Matrix multiplication works in the same way whether we are multiplying two
matrices together or multiplying a matrix and a vector. In fact we can think of a
vector as simply a matrix with a single column—a 3
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