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ParticleWorld(unsigned maxContacts, unsigned iterations=0);
At each frame the startFrame method is first called, which sets up each object
ready for the force accumulation:
Excerpt from include/cyclone/pworld.h
* Keeps track of a set of particles, and provides the means to
* update them all.
class ParticleWorld
* Initializes the world for a simulation frame. This clears
* the force accumulators for particles in the world. After
* calling this, the particles can have their forces for this
* frame added.
void startFrame();
Excerpt from src/pworld.cpp
void ParticleWorld::startFrame()
ParticleRegistration *reg = firstParticle;
while (reg)
// Remove all forces from the accumulator.
// Get the next registration.
reg = reg->next;
Additional forces can be applied after calling this method.
We will also create another system to register contacts. Just as we saw for force
generators, we create a polymorphic interface for contact detectors.
Excerpt from include/cyclone/pcontacts.h
* This is the basic polymorphic interface for contact generators
* applying to particles.
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