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The generator can be implemented like this:
Excerpt from include/cyclone/pfgen.h
* A force generator that applies a spring force only
* when extended.
class ParticleBungee : public ParticleForceGenerator
/** The particle at the other end of the spring. */
Particle *other;
/** Holds the spring constant. */
real springConstant;
* Holds the length of the bungee at the point it begins to
* generate a force.
real restLength;
/** Creates a new bungee with the given parameters. */
ParticleBungee(Particle *other,
real springConstant, real restLength);
/** Applies the spring force to the given particle. */
virtual void updateForce(Particle *particle, real duration);
Excerpt from src/pfgen.cpp
void ParticleBungee::updateForce(Particle* particle, real duration)
// Calculate the vector of the spring.
Vector3 force;
force -= other->getPosition();
// Check if the bungee is compressed.
real magnitude = force.magnitude();
if (magnitude <= restLength) return;
// Calculate the magnitude of the force.
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