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Fig 2.7 A 3D scene in Unity using
a perspective camera (a) and an
orthographic camera (b). (c) The
perspective camera's frustum as
displayed in the Unity Scene. (d) The
orthographic camera's frustum as
displayed in the Unity Scene.
Unity Specifics
When you first create a new project in Unity it will come with a Main
Camera in the Hierarchy. Selecting a camera reveals the settings in the
Inspector. Examples for orthographic and perspective cameras are shown
in Figures 2.8a and 2.8b , respectively.
While setting the camera values for the near and far planes in the
Inspector, the resulting frustum can be watched in the Scene. To change
the width and height of the viewing volume, the field of view (FOV) is
modified for a perspective camera. The greater the field of view, the
more the player will be able to see around his immediate area. To get a
feel for the field of view, hold your arms out to the side and look straight
ahead as if to make a cross figure with your body. Slowly bring your arms
around to your front until you can just see both hands out of the corners
of your eyes (while looking straight ahead). When your hands come into
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