Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Real-World Mechanics
The player's primary logic operates within the known possibilities of physics. Keep
in mind gravity, weight, mass, density, force, buoyancy, elasticity, etc. Use this as
the starting point, but do not be limited by it.
Matt Allmer
2.1 Introduction
An understanding of motion and the driving forces thereof is crucial in
understanding games. Most objects in games move. That is what makes
them dynamic. Whether it be a 2D character such as the original Mario or a
fully fledged 3D character such as Halo's Master Chief, they and their game
environments are in constant motion.
To grasp the concept of motion, especially with respect to computer games,
a development of foundation knowledge in vector mathematics is required.
Vectors are used extensively in game development for describing not only
positions, speed, acceleration, and direction but also within 3D models to
specify UV texturing, lighting properties, and other special effects.
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