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Fig 1.38 How three model files
downloaded from TurboSquid appeared
with unzipped.
Step 5. To import the models into Unity, select all the files associated
with the model and drag and drop into the Project. If the model
contains textures, ensure that you have the model file and the texture
file in your selection. If the model and associated files are in a folder,
drag the entire folder into Unity. The way they will appear is shown
in Figure 1.39 . Don't worry if you receive a couple of Unity error
Step 6. Using free models is mostly a potluck as to the ones
that will work in Unity. Sometimes they will be too big (Unity
only allows 65,000 vertices per mesh), inside out, or just missing
textures. If the model you get appears this way, go back and find
another model.
On the Web Site
A Model That Works
If you are having difficulty finding a model that works, one can be
downloaded from the topic Web site under Chapter One/tyrannosaurus_
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