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In-Depth Information
There are many online Web sites for which you can freely sign up and
download models for use in your own games. Some of the better ones
• TurboSquid:
• Exchange
• 3D Cafe:
The model format used most widely and accepted in game engines is 3Ds.
This was the original file format created by Autodesk's 3D Studio DOS release.
This format can also be created and modified by Autodesk's 3D Studio Max,
Maya, and Blender.
Unity Specifics
3D Models
Unity's native 3D model format is fbx. This can be created with Autodesk's
3D Studio Max. It will also import and use max files, but only if 3D
Studio Max is installed on the same machine. The native files produced
by Blender are also highly compatible and can be added seamlessly to
projects, as can 3Ds formats. To add a model into your project, simply
drag and drop it and any associated textures into the Project.
Unity Hands On
Adding a Model to a Unity Project
Step 1. Create an account on TurboSquid by visiting http://turbosquid
.com and following the prompts.
Step 2. Search on Turbosquid for “car” or something else if you wish.
Ensure that you set the filter to 3D Models and sort by Lower Prices to
have the free models appear first.
Step 3. Look through all the models and select one you like.
Note that the file format type is listed beneath the image of the
model. Look for a 3Ds, fbx, or blend file. Download the file to your
Step 4. If the files are zipped, unzip them. Some files will be single
mesh files such as a 3Ds; others may have textures with them.
Three freely downloaded models and how they unzipped are
shown in F igure 1.38 : a Ferrari model created with Blender, a 3Ds
model of an alien with a texture, and a Mini Cooper Blender model
in its own folder.
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