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Fig 1.37 A search for seamless grass
textures in Google image search.
Step 9. Drag the image file from your desktop and drop it into the
Project. Unity will load it for you automatically.
Step 10. Create a new material called grass . Leave the shader as the
default Diffuse . Drag and drop the grass material onto the ground
plane. Select Plane from the Hierarchy and find the grass material in
the Inspector. Beneath Base (RGB) are Tiling values. These set the size
and alignment of the texture on the surface. For example, setting
Tiling's x to 5 will cause the texture to repeat five times across the
surface. The bigger the tiling values, the smaller the tiles. Try setting
the Tiling values to see the effect in the Scene.
1.6.2 Using Other People's Art Assets
Sometimes it's not worth your time recreating 3D models and textures when
they are available on the Web. For example, if it will cost you a week's worth
of work to create a model that someone is selling on the Web for $50, then it
is worth purchasing if you can afford it. There are also many free 3D models
available for use under a variety of licensing formats. Others are royalty free,
which means that you pay for them once and then use them as many times
as you like under the terms of the license.
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