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Fig 1.35 A Bumped Diffuse
Shader opened in the Inspector.
Step 4. The Main Color is a color added to the color of the texture.
If you leave it as white it will have no effect. For now leave it as
white. In the texture box to the right of Base (RGB) click Select.
From the image picker that pops up select the female_top-1_green .
For the Normalmap, click on Select for the texture box and pick out
female_top-1_normal by double-clicking on it. If the full name of
the texture is not displayed beneath it, clicking once on the image
will reveal the full name at the bottom of the picker, as shown in
Figure 1.36 .
Step 5. Drag the top material from Project and drop it onto the top
mesh in the Hierarchy. In the Scene and Game the model will now
appear with texturing on the top of the body.
Step 6. Repeat the process for the face, hair, pants, and shoes
submeshes (not eyes), selecting appropriate Base (RGB) and
Normalmaps from the texture picker.
Step 7. Create a new material for the eyes. In the Inspector, set the
shader for this material to Specular. Select an eye image for the Base
(RGB) Gloss (A) texture. The Specular Color property for this shader
sets the color that is reflected from the surface on any shiny parts. The
Shininess value changes the surface value from highly glossy to dull.
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