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Adding Textures to a Model
Step 1. Download Chapter One/ from the Web
site, unzip, and open in Unity. In the Project, double-click on
texturedemo to open the scene. The Scene will open with a shaded
female model. In the Hierarchy, click on the little triangle next
to the word Female to expose the entire mesh hierarchy. You
will now see that the submeshes of eyes, face, hair, pants, shoes,
and top are listed beneath the parent of Female as shown in
Figure 1.34 .
Fig 1.34 Project view showing
shaded model and mesh hierarchy.
Step 2. In Project, select Create > Folder and call it Materials.
Highlight the Materials folder and select Create > Material from the
small drop-down menu. Rename the material to top .
Step 3. With top in Project highlighted, at the very top of the
Inspector select the Shader drop-down list and click on Bumped
Diffuse . The Inspector will reveal the properties of Main Color , Base
(RBG) , and Normalmap as shown in Figure 1.35 .
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