Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
You will require the Android SDK to build applications. It is being updated
constantly for new versions of Android; to ensure that your applications are
compatible, it is best to update frequently.
To create an Android game, Unity functions in the same way as for the iOS.
The game is created in the Unity editor and the final product is built via the
Android SDK on its way to the mobile.
Android allows the developer to put any price on their app. A transaction
fee of 30% is paid to Google for each app sold. This is detailed here at
.py?&&answer=112622 .
If you completed the workshop in Section 8.2 , you're 95% on your way
to placing an app in the Android Market.
8.6.2 Console Publishing
The different game console providers, including Microsoft, Nintendo, and
Sony, have a variety of rules and regulations as to who can and can't
publish on their platforms. In the case of Nintendo, a games studio
must complete an application form to be authorized as an official
developer ( ).
Microsoft supplies the free XNA Game Studio development kit for the creation
of Xbox and Windows 7 desktop and mobile games. Independent developers
can submit their game to the AppHub ( ) for listing
in the Xbox Live Marketplace. Access to the AppHub costs $99 per year. All
games submitted are peer reviewed, and those listed and sold receive 70%
of the revenue.
To become an official developer for PlayStation or Xbox (which means your
titles get published on DVD and marketed by the respective publishers)
is quite a big hurdle. The application process involves proving to the
publishers that you have a quite experienced team and around five AAA
published titles under your belt. The development kits start from around
$10,000 each.
For the reader interested in pursuing console development, here are some
URLs worth checking out:
Sony Playstation:
8.6.3 Download Direct to Player
Last but not least there is the option to self-publish and make your desktop
playable game available for download on your own Web site or via a
download client such as Steam or Direct2Drive.
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