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8.6 Platform Deployment: App Store,
Android Market, and Consoles
In the past, publishing a game was an exercise in self-publicity and
tenacity. Small independent developers would have to approach the big
publishing houses with their dreams of grandeur, convince the publishers
to invest in their game, and then stick to strict milestones and release
deadlines for, in the end, what might amount to 7% royalties. While this
situation is still possible nowadays and could lead a small development
company to much fame and fortune via the publishers' vast network of
marketing resources, small independent developers do have many more
options available to them.
8.6.1 Publishing for the App Store and Android
The App Store delivers developers games directly to the consumer,
cutting out the middleman. Applications for iOS and Mac OSX+ are listed
in the store that buyers can purchase over the Internet and download
directly to their desktop computer or mobile device.
Applications written for the AppStore must be developed with an XCode
component. For example, Unity builds its code via XCode when pushing
the application to the iPhone or iPad.
Developers wishing to put content in the AppStore or on iOS devices
must register as an Apple Developer. At the time of writing, this costs $99
per year. For this, the developer gets access to the Apple Development
Network, beta releases of Mac operating system updates, and
authentication protocols to build and push applications for testing to
their mobile devices.
Once a game is ready for deployment it is submitted to Apple for
approval. This process can take up to 2 weeks. Apple has a checklist of
the things it looks for when approving an application and it is prudent
to check these off yourself before submitting. If there is something
wrong with your application, you will have to fix it and resubmit for
Apple has a fixed pricing scale for all apps. Fees taken by Apple are
different in different countries, but equate to approximately 30%.
For the latest information on the exact procedures, visit http://developer .
The Android Market has a more relaxed approach to app publishing.
It currently requires a Gmail account and a small once off fee of $25 to
start selling apps. To get started, visit
index.html .
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