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Fig 8.28 An OpenFeint
integration within a Unity
game playing in Android.
Shake the phone to increase your score. The script also unlocks an
achievement when the score goes over 400. An achievement unlock
message is sent to OpenFeint using achievement's ID and it is unlocked
( Figure 8.28d ).
At any time you may press the Submit Score button to register your score
with OpenFeint ( Figure 8.28e ). You can review your highest score by
pressing the Get Score button ( Figure 8.28f ).
Unlocked and locked achievements for the game can be viewed by
pressing the Achievement's button ( Figure 8.28g ).
The Leaderboard button takes you to the OpenFeint leaderboard for the
game ( Figure 8.28h ). The game can have numerous leaderboards. You
must identify them with their ID.
This workshop has covered most of the OpenFeint functionality allowed by
the Unity integration package. The package for this tutorial was taken from . It is still in beta so expect it to
have changed by the time this topic is published. There is an iOS version
available but it is still very buggy. The author recommends keeping an eye on
this site for more details as they become available.
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