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function Update ()
Step 11. Attach OFInterface to the Main Camera.
Step 12. In OpenFeintController.cs insert your Application
Name, Product Key, Product Secret, and Client Application ID in
the corresponding empty quotes from the OpenFeint Web site,
Step 13. Play to see how your button is aligned on the screen in the
Editor. Note that the button will not function in the Editor; you must
build and deploy the app to an Android device.
Step 14. Build and Run to push the application to an attached
Android device.
Step 15. Press the button and OpenFeint will open. Do not log into
OpenFeint at this point.
Step 16. Return to Unity and select File > Build Settings. On the
Build Settings pop up select Player Settings to bring up the Android
configuration values in the Inspector. Give your application a name,
icon, and bundle identifier.
Step 17. Open the AndroidManifest file in the Plugins > Android
folder in the Project. Edit the package name string to match your
bundle identifier as shown in Figure 8.26 .
Step 18. Return to the OpenFeint developers' site and select the
Application Information for your game title. On this page select
Android Settings as shown in Figure 8.27 . You will need to supply the
package name created in the previous step, an icon, description, and
at least two screen captures. Select Save.
Step 19. Before you can activate your game in OpenFeint it will require
at least one leaderboard and one achievement. To add this, select the
Features tab in the top right of the webpage. A leaderboard keeps
track of players and high scores, and achievements reward players
for reaching specific game play status such as bronze, silver, and gold
medals or unlocking new levels. Achievements can be unlocked relative
to in-game scores. The achievement scores obtained in OpenFeint set
the players' overall level across all their playing of OpenFeint-enabled
games. For a single game you can allocate up to 1000 bonus OpenFeint
points with a maximum of 200 points per achievement.
Once you have added these items, return to the Overview page for
your app and select the orange Enable Android button. This will place
your OpenFeint game linkage Under Review .
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