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8.5.3 OpenFeint
OpenFeint is a social networking platform created especially for mobile
games. It was launched in 2009 for iOS on the iPhone and iPad and is
now available for Android-supporting devices. It provides a set of easy-
to-use APIs that allow developers to integrate functionality such as
leaderboards, forums, live chat, rewards, beat the highest score,
and play with friends.
As with Twitter and Facebook, your game talks to OpenFeint with
authorization tokens. To obtain these tokens, visit the OpenFeint
developers' site at . Here you create a login
and then begin registering your game. On entering the Application
Information tab you will be given a Client Application ID, Product Key,
and Product Secret as shown in Figure 8.25 . This information is entered
into your programming code to provide your game with access to the
OpenFeint features.
Fig 8.25 Obtaining authorization
tokens for OpenFeint.
On the OpenFeint Web site you will find assistance for developers and
downloads of APIs for iOS and Android. There is even a beta version
of one for Unity.
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