Game Development Reference
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Step 5. On the next page enter some basic information—for now just
type in an Application Name and Description.
Step 6. Select the Facebook Integration tab.
Step 7. Enter a name for your app in the Canvas Page settings. It must
be unique and does not need to be the same as the name of your
Unity project.
Step 8. Enter a Canvas URL. This is the location on the Web where you
have uploaded your Unity Web project.
Step 9. Click on Save Changes.
Step 10. You can now see your game embedded in Facebook using
the Canvas Page, for example,
asteroids/ as shown in Figure 8.24 .
Fig 8.24 A Unity game embedded in Facebook.
Games embedded in Web pages will take a while to load. The larger the
Unity file, the longer a player will have to wait for it. Casual gamers don't
like to wait. Keep your game small and neat.
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