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Step 5. Attach the UserTweets.js script to the Tweeter object in
the Hierarchy. Expand the Tweeter object. Select it and locate the
UserTweets component. Add the TweetProfilePic and the TweetText
objects to the script as shown in Figure 8.19 .
Fig 8.19 Adding UserTweets script
to 3D object and display items.
Step 6. Play. The plane above the character's head will display the
last tweet from, in this case, the user called aardbeistudios , and their
profile image.
Step 7. To get others or your own tweets, simply replace the Twitter
user name in the Twitter Text URL of the UserTweets script with
another as shown in Figure 8.20 .
Fig 8.20 The location to change
Twitter user name to access tweets
from others.
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