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AuthTokenSecret =
UserId = TwitterHelpers.GetUserId(authStep2.text);
ScreenName = TwitterHelpers.GetScreenName(authStep2.text);
PlayerPrefs.SetString("AUTHTOKEN", AuthToken);
PlayerPrefs.SetString("AUTHTOKENSECRET", AuthTokenSecret);
PlayerPrefs.SetString("USERID", UserId);
PlayerPrefs.SetString("SCREENNAME", ScreenName);
Connected = true;
Step 10. Take the keys obtained in Step 1 and add them into the
strings at the top of PostTweet for the API_KEY, CONSUMER_KEY, and
Step 11. Play. As soon as the application starts running the Web
browser will open and take you to your Twitter account. Log in if
you aren't already. An authorization page will open asking to give
the Unity application access to your Twitter account as shown in
Figure 8.14 .
Step 12. After pressing Authorize App, Twitter will present you with a
PIN number as shown in Figure 8.15 . Copy the PIN number and return
to your Unity application.
Fig 8.14 Twitter's application access
authorization form.
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