Game Development Reference
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Step 4. Download Chapter Eight/marker.unitypackage and import
into the project. This package contains AR tracking marker data.
Step 5. Drag and drop Image Target prefab into the Scene from the
Qualcomm Augmented Reality > Prefabs folder in the Project. Set the
Image Target of this to tracker as shown in Figure 8.11 .
Fig 8.11 Setting the AR marker.
Step 6. Add a cube to the Scene. Resize the cube and position it
on top of the marker as shown in Figure 8.12 . This will be the
size and position of the cube relative to the marker in the AR
Step 7. Download the marker from Chapter Eight/marker.jpg and
print out (if you are unable to print, you can also simply open the
image and point your device at your screen).
Step 8. Select File > Build and Run from main menu. The camera will
open on the Android device. Point it at the marker and the cube will
appear as shown in Figure 8.13 .
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