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Fig 8.9 Parallel Kingdom.
Parallel Kingdom by PerBlue is the first location-based mobile massively
multiplayer online role-playing game played in the real world ( http:// ). It uses a player's GPS location to superimpose
an imaginary fantasy world over the top of a Google Map as shown in
Figure 8.9 . The player can move around an approximate 1.3-mile radius
on the map by tapping on the mobile screen. To move farther afield,
the player has to physically go to another location in the real world.
As with other role-playing games, players fight monsters and collect items
while exploring their environment for experience points and leveling
up their skills.
My Grove , by Kranky Panda ( ), is another
location-based multiplayer game that creates a virtual world over a map of
the real world as shown in Figure 8.10 . Players move from one geographical
location to another with the goal being to plant and maintain virtual fruit
trees to offset carbon emissions. Players compete against each other to be the
top fruit producers in their area. They can also help other players tend to their
trees or sabotage them!
You too can use GPS coordinates in your own games. The next workshop
shows you how to obtain a player's location in Unity iOS and Android.
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