Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Fig 8.1 The Android interface.
Step 11. Select Settings.
Step 12. Select Applications.
Step 13. Select Development.
Step 14. Check the USB debugging and Stay awake options.
Step 15. Press the little house button to go to the home screen.
Step 16. Return to Unity.
Step 17. Go back to the Build Settings window.
Step 18. Click on the Player Settings button.
Step 19. In the Inspector, locate the Bundle Identifier field in the
Other Settings area. Type a value in here of the format com.yourname
.TestApplication as shown in Figure 8.2 .
Step 20. At the top of the Inspector enter a Product Name. This will be the
name under the icon for the game on the phone.
Step 21. Back in the Build Settings window click on the Build And Run
Step 22. Unity will want a name for the build file: “test” will do for now. If
this is the first time you have created an Android build, Unity will also want
to know the location of your Android SDK folder.
Step 23. The application will build and be pushed to the phone.
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