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FIG 7.45 The final snow scene.
7.8 Summary
This chapter examined the artistic and scientific aspects of the real world
in order to recreate similar environments as game environments. So many
of the physics and mathematics of the real world translate into virtual
environments, and an understanding of these assists us in making the
virtual look and feel as real as possible for a player.
Only through observing the world around us, the types of vegetation, the
shapes of rocks, the colors in the sky, and the way things move can we
gain a deeper appreciation of the articulation of what can turn a virtual
environment into something believable. This chapter has only scratched
at the surface of what is possible in developing the aesthetics of a game
environment, although it is hoped that you've gained enough knowledge
and confidence to go in search of new techniques that you can incorporate
in your games to make them look that much more professional
and polished.
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