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FIG 7.43 A particle system
simulating chimney smoke.
Step 18. If you'd rather have bigger snowflakes, increase the Min and
Max Sizes of the particles.
Step 19. Add the First Person Controller to the Scene and place it just
outside the cabin. It may need to be resized to fit the scene.
Step 20. Delete the old Main Camera.
Step 21. Select the First Person Controller camera and set the
Background color to that of the fog.
Step 22. Play. Watch the snow falling.
The only problem with the current snow is that it is a very isolated system.
If you walk your character down the road a little, you will walk out of
the snow zone. You could increase the size of the emitter ellipsoid to
cover a larger area, but this would mean increasing the number of falling
particles to get the same density. Unfortunately, the more particles, the
more strain on the processing of your game and the slower it will run.
However, we can employ a simple trick to make it look as though it is
snowing everywhere on the terrain.
Step 23. Select the Snow in the Hierarchy and drag and drop it onto
the First Person Controller to attach. Now it will move everywhere the
player does. Select the Snow object once attached and set its position
to (0,10,0). This will ensure that the snow emitter is always directly
above the player.
Step 24. Depending on how fast the player can move, you may
need to increase the ellipsoid size a little so that the player never
outruns new particles. In this example, if you set the ellipsoid's
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