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can do as well as recovering to a more realistic-looking cloud type should
you modify the other settings to the point of no return and end up with
pinpoint clouds or no clouds at all.
Of particular note in the settings are the Cloud Creation Size and
Disappear Multiplier. The Cloud Creation Size sets the size of the blue box
displayed in the Scene. This box is the area in which clouds are spawned.
The Disappear Multiplier determines the size of the yellow box. This is
the area to which clouds will travel from the yellow box, but beyond
they fade away.
Further down in the settings are cloud colors, sizes, and velocity.
The CloudsToy Mngr can be integrated into your own projects by
importing the Chapter Seven/CloudsToy v1.2.unitypackage available
from the Web site.
7.6 Weather
The weather affects the look and feel of our environment dramatically.
Although players won't be able to feel the cold of virtual snow in a game
environment, the correct lighting, coloring, and special effects
will make them feel like they are there and add an extra dimension
to your scene.
7.6.1 Wind
Wind is one of these elements. Although you can't see it, it moves
environmental objects around. It looks especially good in a 3D world
when acting on cloth, trees, and grass.
Unity Specifics
Terrain Wind Element
A terrain in Unity can have wind applied through the setting of the
bend factor of trees and using a wind zone. To do this, select a tree in
the Terrain Editor and click on Edit Trees. In the pop-up window you
will find a value for bend as shown in Figure 7.38 . Set this to a value
other than zero to make the trees sway in the breeze. Add a wind zone
by selecting GameObject > Create Other > Wind Zone and then move
the object near the First Person Controller. Play to see the trees move
in the wind.
Grass and flower objects will sway automatically with the terrain breeze.
The wind settings for this are found in the settings panel of the Terrain
Editor as shown in Figure 7.39 .
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