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Step 7. Select the CloudsToy Mngr in the Hierarchy. Press play. In the
Scene you will be able to see the volume of the clouds over the terrain
as shown in Figure 7.37 . The CloudsToy Mngr sizes itself correctly to
cover the terrain.
FIG 7.37 The Unity CloudsToy package in use.
Step 8. Add a first person controller to the Scene. Delete the original
main camera.
Step 9. Play.
Step 10. If you have a mountainous terrain, you might like to lower
the CloudsToy Mngr object such that it sits with the mountains
poking out of the yellow bounding box in the Scene. This will create
clouds that the player can walk through and above.
Settings for the CloudsToy Mngr can be changed through the Inspector by
selecting the CloudsToy Mngr object in the Hierarchy. Settings begin with
Cloud Presets, which allow you to select from Stormy-, Sunrise-, and Fantasy-
looking clouds. These are useful to give you an idea of what the package
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