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FIG 7.36 Volumetric clouds.
One method for producing volumetric clouds is to use mass instances of
billboards with cloud textures on them. The system used to produce the
image in Figure 7.36 was developed by Unity developer Julian Oliden and
is available for download from . It is also
included in the starter project file in the next workshop.
Unity Hands On
Volumetric Clouds
Step 1. Download Chapter Seven/ Open the
project in Unity.
Step 2. Locate the CloudsToy Mngr prefab in the Project under the
Volumetric Clouds prefab.
Step 3. Drag and drop this prefab into the Scene. You won't be able
to see it yet as it requires a Terrain to align itself.
Step 4. Add a Terrain to the scene.
Step 5. Sculpt the terrain or import a height map. Paint the terrain
as you like.
Step 6. Add a directional light.
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