Game Development Reference
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Step 5. Play to ensure that the player isn't falling below the terrain.
Reposition the player as necessary.
Step 6. Download Chapter Seven/SkyDome.unitypackage from the
Web site and import into Unity.
Step 7. From the skydome folder created in Project, after the import,
drag and drop the SkyDome prefab into the Hierarchy. The SkyDome
will appear as a large white sphere in the Scene.
Step 8. Select the SkyDome object in the Hierarchy. Locate
the Skydome Script component in the Inspector and set the
Player attribute to the First Person Controller as shown
in Figure 7.35 .
FIG 7.35 The Skydome Script
component and setting the Player
Step 9. Play. A sky dome with clouds will fill the sky. The sky
dome has an internal clock, which will cause the sun to move
across the sky, making for a day, sunset, night, and sunrise cycle.
There are two layers of clouds whose settings are independent.
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