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FIG 7.34 A sky dome.
Unity Hands On
Sky Domes
Step 1. Create a new Unity Project. Import the Character Controller
and Terrain Assets.
Step 2. In the scene add a Terrain. Style and texture as you see fit.
Step 3. Add a First Person Controller to the Scene. Position the player
over the terrain.
Step 4. Because the sky dome object you are about to add generates
its own sun, you do not need to add a directional light; however,
you will need to change the light type to Directional. Modify
skyDomeScript.js with that in Listing 7.5 .
Listing 7.5 Set the Sun's Light Type to Directional
. . .
void Start ()
sunLight = new GameObject("Sun");
sunLight.light.type = LightType.Directional;
. . .
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