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and the Mie theory as it also adds to light scattering. For example,
when the earth experiences a large volcanic event, which spews tons
of dust and ash into the air, sunsets appear to last longer and have
more vivid colors.
The following sections examine two ways to create skies: one that uses
a simple texture and the other that considers the physical theories
of light and air interaction described earlier.
7.5.1 Skyboxes
The most common method of creating a sky with cloud textures is to use
a skybox. This is essentially an inside-out cube placed over the camera
with seamless images of the sky rendered on it. Because it only requires
six planes and six textures, it is a relatively cost-effective way to create a
convincing-looking sky. The six textures are referred to by their position on
the cube: up, down, front, back, left, and right. An example skybox is shown
in Figure 7.33 .
FIG 7.33 The six textures making up a skybox.
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