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is disorientated as a result of being drugged or in a dream state. Motion blur
is illustrated in Figure 7.30 . Motion blur is often used in racing games when
the scenery is moving past the camera quickly and in first and third person
games when the character is moving quickly.
7.4.5 Sepia Tone
Sepia tone is the brownish tinge seen on old photographs and film. It
is achieved using an algorithm similar to that used for grayscale. The
red, green, and blue values of a pixel are reset based on the addition of
percentages of their original color components thus:
Sepia Red = R × 0.393 + G × 0.769 + B × 0.189
Sepia Green = R × 0.349 + G × 0.686 + B × 0.168
Sepia Blue = R × 0.272 + G × 0.534 + B × 0.131
You may have seen sepia tone used in the cut scenes of games where an
event is taking place in the past or in actual environments when the game
is set in the past. The Sims Medieval uses sepia tones for its world map and
storytelling still shots.
Sepia tone applied in Unity is demonstrated in Figure 7.30 .
7.4.6 Twirl
The twirl effect takes a portion of the screen pixels and wraps them around
a whirlpool-type motion as shown in Figure 7.30 . This effect is usually seen
in film footage or cut scenes when one scene is crossing into another.
A similar effect can be found in vintage Batman animated cartoons
(and other similar productions) where the bat insignia was circled
in and out in between acts.
7.4.7 Bloom
Bloom is the glow effect seen around light sources that extend into the
environment. It makes an image look overexposed and the colors washed
out. It is more prominent the stronger the light source and the dustier the
An example of the bloom effect being used in Unity is shown in Figure 7.30 .
7.4.8 Flares
Flares are bursts of reflected and refracted light. The most commonly known
flare is a lens flare, which causes a series of translucent, rainbow, bright
circles on an image from light passing through a camera lens as shown in
Figure 7.30 . It is often used in games to give the player the illusion they are
looking into the sun when facing skyward.
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